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Beautiful Corpus Christi Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography services at their best. You will enjoy an unforgettable photo experience and elegant images from working with our professional photographers. Call us today and schedule a meeting with one of our consultants.

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Corpus Christi Wedding Photographers

As one of the best photography studios in the city, Corpus Christi Wedding Photographers goal is to provide you with unmatched wedding photography services. We care about your special day and want to be a part of its success. All along the way, we can help guide you in what has proven to be the best way to go about getting gorgeous images.

We have you covered in all the different areas of life as a couple that you might want photographs for. Engagement, wedding, elopement, anniversaries, or vow renewal are some of the services we offer.

About Corpus Christi Wedding Photographers

Elegant photos that bring emotions to the surface are our specialty. Getting you not only those photos but an outstanding experience is what we strive for at Corpus Christi wedding photography studios. Working with you to help you feel comfortable in every way is our desire. We not only want you to be comfortable with the products you received for the wedding photographer cost but to also feel comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera. Your all-around experience is what we concentrate on.

In Corpus Christi and the surrounding area, our company has worked hard for years to make it what it is. During that time we have fine-tuned our process to make it work more seamlessly. We have found what works best for most situations and find it produces the best quality and experience. We have taken into account the many wedding photography reviews we have received and used them in this perfecting process. Your happiness is our priority.

You are wondering how to find a wedding photographer and as you read through our site we can guarantee we will have answered that question for you. We are the wedding photography studio for you. We have countless weddings under our belt and know we can produce the memorable images you are wanting for your wedding day.

Why Choose Us?

Why would you choose us over the other wedding photography studios around town? We have a shortlist of what makes a wedding photographer great and we possess them all.

Connection - Being able to connect with your photographer is a quality that is needed. Our photographers have the charisma and fun-loving attitude needed to connect with all our clients. They help you to feel at ease in front of the camera and enjoy the time they have getting to know you.

Experience - We have shot a multitude of weddings and other events for years that have gained us the experiences needed to perform at a high level. We continue to take extra courses to keep us up to date on the new techniques being used that produce beautiful photos.

Commitment - Commitment to quality, service, connection, learning, and the client are all high priority. Taking the time to make sure all goes excellent and that they can provide the highest level of service is on the minds of our photographers. They know what an important and unforgettable day this is to you as a couple. They want the best for you.

Fun - This is one of the best days of your life you want it to be fun. Yes, we take our job very seriously but we also need to have a good time doing it. We want you to experience the fun of the day and not be so stressed. Let us bring some fun to your day.

Make the call now to get a consultation scheduled. Our availability fills up quickly so call today!

What To Expect?

You can have high expectations when working with us. That is what we pride ourselves on. The caliber of our images far surpasses that of many other studios in the area. When people come to us they are expecting a superior experience. We will give it to you. This is why we have so many people choose us. It is expected.

When thinking about your engagement photos or finding a wedding ceremony photographer you are wanting to find the best of the best but with wedding photographer costs that will fit your budget. We know we will have wedding photography packages that will fit with what you have been saving. This is another reason people like to choose Corpus Christi wedding photography. We can customize packages to fit with what you are needing and can still stay within a reasonable budget.

We will guide you through our simple process for your wedding photos. First we will meet with you and your sweetheart to discuss any and all questions you may have and talk about the plans for your day. After that we will make a plan and create an agenda that will be best for your schedule. We will then share this with you and work out any kinks that may arise. This process helps you to focus on what matters most on your wedding day, each other. For our other events the process is very much the same with some changes for the different occasions. We are eager to work with you.


Our Wedding Photography Services

Offering all the services you will need for your wedding and beyond is something we want to provide you with. Anything from your wedding photoshoot, to a wedding videographer, we are ready to make it happen. Your search for “wedding photographers near me” has just been answered. These are the services we offer and if you have something different in mind please contact us and we can evaluate if it is something we can do for you. Wedding photography Corpus Christi has everything you need in one place.

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Wedding Photography

Your wedding ceremony and reception are important events you want to remember forever. You also want those memories to come alive as you look through them. “Best wedding photographers near me” is something you are all wondering as your wedding day draws closer. We have the wedding photographer Corpus Christi TX for you.

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You have picked out the most beautiful gown that fits you perfectly. Now you want to have individual photos taken just like you have on your wall of your mother and grandmother. We will take stunning heirloom photos of you in your wedding dress in a drop dead gorgeous way.

corpus christi engagements photographer

Engagement Photography

You can use these photos for your invites and/or social media announcement of your engagement. We can also do a live video of your engagement. See the videography section. Getting these done as soon as possible is important so you can have them available for your announcements. Choose a special location and we will make it beautiful.

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Wedding Videography

Wedding photography videography is very sought after but not all studios provide it. We are so happy to be able to say that we do. Not many can say that. We will provide you with a 3-5 min video of your engagement or wedding day that will bring back all the feelings of the day. You will want to relive it over and over, and now you can. Check out a Corpus Christi wedding videographer from our studio.

wedding photography corpus christi tx


Elopement is something more and more couples are choosing to do. With how social distancing is affecting our wedding events some couples are finding elopement to be a wonderful option. But you also want to have the wonderful memories attached and be able to share it with your family and friends. We will provide you with a beautiful experience and incomparable photos.

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Vow Renewal / Anniversaries

Having memorable photos of these stepping stones throughout your relationship are a must have for your anniversaries. It is so fun to see how your family has grown and changed. For this special time, you want to express your love and renewal, the important vows you have made to each other, and maybe even add some more to the list. We will be there to capture those moments.

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About Corpus Christi Texas

This picturesque coastal city is a destination for tourism. With its hot and humid weather and high wind speeds, people love to sail, fly kites, kiteboard, and windsurf. In 2019 the population of Corpus Christi was 347,000. The name Corpus Christi means “body of Christ” and its nickname is “Sparkling City by the Sea”, both wonderful reminders of this beautiful place.

The local economy is fueled by tourism, as well as petrochemical and oil industries. You can check out a Corpus Christi IceRays hockey game or the sailing races held weekly.

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Industry Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are you willing to shoot for?

Really as many hours as you need. We do set a limit to 8 hours but not many people even need close to that.

Where is the best place for our photos?

This depends on what we are doing. If it is engagements, then picking a place that has meaning to you or a place that has stood out to you is best. We can make suggestions if you would like. You can check out some of the photos in our gallery to see if there is a location that catches your eye. For weddings, we shoot at the venue and then can do another location of your choice for an additional cost. We want to pick times that will provide the best natural light possible but can arrange things differently if needed to accommodate your schedule.

What is your style?

We have photographers that shoot in different styles and we can match you with the one that will fit best with your style. They all really do an amazing job. You can’t go wrong.

Do you have dates available on short notice?

This depends on what we are shooting. Usually for engagements we can, but for bigger events, dates will need to be booked months in advance. Our schedule fills quickly.

Customer Testimonials

Very professional and easy to work with from the beginning. We had so many positive comments from our guests about our photographer. We got an incredible amount of photos for what we paid and from what our friends have mentioned. We are completely happy with our experience. Thank you!

Steven and Jayda Y.

I have tears in my eyes as I write. I was just looking through our wedding photo books and it brought so much emotion. Our wedding could not have been captured in a more beautiful way. Our photographer was always smiling and helped us to relax and enjoy every minute of our day. We are so happy with the service we received from wedding photography Corpus Christi.

Kevin and Stella E.

Thank you for taking the most wonderful photos of our wedding day. The video we received was absolutely gorgeous! We are so grateful for all the time and effort that was put into making it. Thank you so much!

Cameron and Paige F.

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So you have been searching “engagement photographers near me” or “wedding videography near me” and “wedding photography Corpus Christi TX” and you have found us. There is a good reason why. We have been the top wedding photographers Corpus Christi TX for many years now. We receive positive word of mouth referrals over and over again. Wedding day photos, and larger events need to be scheduled months in advance. Engagements if we have openings can be scheduled 2-4 weekends out. Please call as soon as you know your dates to get them booked before your date is gone. Call Corpus Christi Wedding Photographers today or fill out the form to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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